Article: The Magical World of Children Opened at Normafa

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Dear Parents,

I would like to draw your attention to the new regulations regarding the current pandemic situation:

  • In the premises of the daycare it is obligatory to wear face masks for the parents and relatives! Our colleges will not wear a face mask in the company of the children because it is highly important for their current age group to see the emotions and mimics on our faces, and to have a personal and direct contact with each other.
  • The children must arrive with only one person! We ask you that in the dressing room and transfer room, only one child and person be. Please think about the possible waiting time when arriving and be patient with each other. The farewell should be minimized, you should start the farewell process outside the daycare, before you enter.
  • When entering, please use the hand sanitizer we provide for your hands.
  • Children can only enter the group rooms, after they have washed their hands and received a fever measurement.
  • The daycare can only be attended by healthy children! If you experience any sign of an infectious disease, we ask that you take your child home as soon as possible. In case this happens, we will wait for your arrival, and wait with your child in a separate room. The child can attend the daycare again after this, with a medical certificate, proving that the child is healthy and does not pose any risks to others.
  • Please let us know if you have been spending time abroad, or any person in close contact with the child has spent time abroad!
  • If there is a close relative in contact with you and your child, please let us know as well!
  • Please take care of the cleanliness of the children’s temporary objects! While the pandemic it is important to clean them every day. Please bring only one toy in the morning!

We also take care of the health of every child, by:

  • Sanitizing all surfaces daily.
  • Sanitizing the group rooms with an ozone machine daily
  • We spend as much time as we can in fresh air, outside. We also air the group rooms while being inside, as well.
  • We wash our hands and sanitize regularly throughout the day.
  • While any of the staff are experiencing signs of an infectious disease, they are required to stay at home and consult with doctors.

I would like to help you in this pandemic situation, which impacts all of us, service providers as well. Please read the recommendations by the ‘Association of Home Pediatricians’ in the attachment. You can also find it on their official website: When can we let our children , who recovered from illness, back into the daycare?

Let us continue to take care of each other and practice safe health standards, so that we avoid any spreading of diseases!
Thank you for your cooperation!