Are you looking for a family daycare but have not decided yet?


Have you heard about Bodza Villa Family Daycare? We would like to introduce ourselves and invite you and your child to visit our daycare and spend some time with us. If you feel this daycare would be the perfect choice for your child, then we would be happy to sign you up to the open positions. 

A real wonderland for children where we aim to create a loving and safe environment, the surrounding area is full of beautiful nature and the air is full of oxygen.

You are looking for the best solution for you and your child but cannot find it because…

  • you do not have any daycares near your home that has a spacious garden.
  • you would like it if your little one takes his first steps in small group with few children in it. 
  • you would like to avoid traffic jams in the mornings.

You do not have to search anymore!

Our daycare waits for you in proximity in the heart of Normafa. With it’s programs and additional offers the daycare itself is outstanding between the Hungarian family daycares.

The children will love…


  • the demanding meals.
  • the beautiful green milieu and crystal-clear air.
  • the professional daycare providers who has great professional experience and always wait for the children with a big smile on their faces and a warm hug to give.

We recommend it to you, if…


  • you would like to know your child spends a lot of time in the open air. 
  • you are interested in the Montessori method of education.
  • you are looking for a small group.

You will love it too because…


  • you will have some time for yourself and for your work as well.
  • you can also live some social life – you will be part of a community where we can sit on the sunny patio and talk about the joyous and hard moments of child rearing while enjoying a coffee or tea. 😉


5 whole days/week 130.000 HUF/month
4 whole days/week 115.000 HUF/month
3 whole days/week 100.000HUF/month
2 whole days/week 65.000HUF/month

Bonus programs

Playful Hungarian class specialized to the features and needs of the age group of the children

Art and craft occupation once every week in the afternoon.


If you sign up to our daycare now, you can get an exceptional offer:

 Professional daycare providers with great professional experience

• Daily care and meals four times a day

• Premium quality wooden toys

• Beautiful green milieu and crystal-clear air

• Additional services: Salt room, active indoor activities and games in our gym hall, on-call hours before opening and after closing time, periodic childcare


• Playful English class once a week

• Arts and crafts occupation once a week

• Usage of the indoor play center on every Saturday

And of course, our little community with a little bit of social life, happiness and relaxation. 🙂


Really demanding in every aspect, I can only recommend it! 🙂

Juliett Cseh Cobas

Familiar atmosphere, super toys and books. My son goes with joy every day!

Temesvári Zsuzsi

The villa was love at first sight: spacious rooms, super toys, beautiful garden, salt room, pool. What is more important that Sophie development was monitored by loving care.

Dr. Záhorszky Tamás

Our offer stands until withdrawal! Hurry up our open positions are limited!

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