Play&Learn in English
Every Saturday at 10:00

Lottie and Szilvia encourage learning and development with this unique apparatus-based class, designed to support your child’s growth at his or her own individual pace. This fun and energetic Play & Learn class is structured and flexible enough to allow children to explore and express themselves fully. The class has play-based activities to stretch the body and mind: imaginary play, movement games, fine-motor playtime, parachute activities, storytelling and more. The class is designed to support the physical, social and language development of young children.
English is assimilated by play and movement, songs and music, stories and multi-sensory activities. Learning a foreign language early has a lot of benefits for your child:
– the brain creates bonds that in a monolingual child it does not,
– the child aquires a linguistic awareness ,- the child has an understanding of another culture
– the child gains in self-confidence and interest in the other.
Learning at a young age is done naturally and without effort! This class is open to children with all level of English.
It’s a morning of fun and varied activities tailored to your child’s age. Classes are accompanied with or without a parent/caregiver.
Please bring indoor shoes for your little one and/or layered clothing for the outdoor class.
Prices: 2100,-Ft/hour, 10 000,-Ft for a 5 hour pass, 19 000,-Ft for a 10 hour pass
Sibling discount: 30 %
You can pay by:
– money transfer,
– PayPal (
– cash
Szilvia Darók +36 30 752 4221

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