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Family daycare:

Our exclusive daycares offer special, high quality equipment and toys that require creativity and foster movement development. Our professionals provide foreign language development and group  lessons for children. We offer two separate playgrounds between century-old trees of our garden, a gym, salt room, a huge indoor play-floor and unconditional love for children coming to our daycare.


Bodza Villa
Bodza Villa
Bodza Villa

Who we are

My name is Zsófia Anna Martos, I am a co-founder of Bodza Villa and the director of family daycares. I graduated in 2010 from ELTE Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education, I was majoring in primary school teacher training. Then I realised I feel much closer to the younger generation,


… therefore I completed a family daycare director training course and started to make my dream come true, my mother supported me in it.

In 2014 we opened two family daycares in the area of Ferencváros that underwent a rehabilitation project. The two daycares have been successfully operating for 6 years now. My main objective was to open a daycare that offers unique, high-quality services for children between 1 and 3 years.

Last year I submitted an application for the development and establishment of a family daycare.

It was my great pleasure to be notified in June 2019 that my application was successful and I could start to make my dream come true on the Buda side.

I was looking for a special place where I could create a unique establishment for mothers and babies, and this is how I found the building of Bodza Villa.


My name is Szilvia Darók. In 2010 I completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. On completion of this course I have an advanced understanding of all facets of childcare. I was born in Hungary but I spent 14 years living abroad in Australia, in the UK and in Switzerland. I am fluent in English (written / verbal) and Hungarian, I have intermediate level French language skills. 


…I have learned how to foster physical, emotional, social, as well as emotional and psychological development in early childhood. I use my quality skills in promoting language and communication development to guarantee experiences that facilitate and enhance children’s development.

I have a solid career background in child care (child care centres & a nanny) and have been working in the industry for ten years.  I have gained experience in Australia, the UK, Switzerland and Hungary.

Being passionate, enthusiastic and enjoying working with children, giving them a high standard of early learning education and watching them reach all of the important, yet imperative milestones is truly a career that I am very passionate about. I know that my work plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of future generations.

I am also creative and transfer my creativity by involving children in various activities that are fun and contribute to their learning.

I believe that children and families are central to everything I do.  I believe in understanding and responding to the needs of our community. I believe in collaboration, support, and mutual respect.
I am aware that culture, diversity, community and public policy all affect child and family development. I support families, and recognize and respect parents as the most important caregivers for children.

I returned to Hungary in March 2018, after having my first baby at the end of October in Geneva. I started my business half a year later under the name LadyBug Care Budapest.

In LadyBug Care I provide childcare services from the age of 20 months to kindergarten age, and I also hold English language activities for children under the age of 4.

My name is Lilla Varga, I am one of the daycare providers of Bodza Villa Family Daycare.I studied early childhood education at Eötvös Loránd Science University, where I got my diploma in 2020. During my three year of academical studies I attended practical lessons which were held in a public daycare where I started to work mmediately after graduation.


… Before I became part of this great team here in Bodza Villa, I worked as an English-Hungarian daycare provider in a private nursery as well.

During my work I always keep in mind the wellbeing of the children. With my personality and professional knowledge, I try to always create an atmosphere in our group that is calm, balanced, joyful and supports the development of children.

My name is Dóri Stiller, I am a helper at Bodza Villa Family Daycare. I have been babysitting children since my high school years and I really love it. At first, I looked out for three children, the smallest child was a disabled little girl, who gave me a lot of knowledge and experience.


… Besides looking after children I love spending time in nature, I like to go on bushwalks, doing sports, cook and bake. Thanks to my curious nature I like to try and learn new things for example new flavors or programs. I like spending time with animals so besides spending time with my dog I volunteer as a dog walker in a shelter.


I am Van der Heide Lottie , Dutch/Hungarian but I grew up as an expat living in many different countries, always speaking English in my schools. Also, I graduated high school in the English IB system. Now currently I am studying Marketing and Commerce at METU in Budapest, also in English.


… Last year I worked on 2 kids camps and numerous times as a English conversationalist, and I found it super rewarding to be able to work with kids! I also did babysitting often when I was in my teens. Through my experience I have found it wonderful to see how fast kids can develop their language skills through various ways! Such as games, art, dance and speaking.I’m very happy to be working at Bodza Villa in the LadyBug Care group, to help kids become more familiar and comfortable around hearing & speaking English. Through the various play methods we use in our indoor & outdoor facilities I have become delighted to see our kids excel in their English proficiency! They start to associate their language with their actions when hearing alot of spoken English, which in turn becomes a vital part in the process of them being able to speak the language.

My name is  Lilla Mertain, I am I one of the daycare providers of Bodza Villa Family Daycare. I studied childhood education at Ferenczi Sandor Medical Vocational High School on Miskolc between 2005-2011 where I got my profession Infant and Childcare Specialist.


… then following this fortunately I was able to stand into work, which helped a lot in it at the family where I looked after a little boy, that let me be able to apply the ones learned till then. During my time there, I managed to use my knowledge to take care of the boy. In my work I tried to the best of my knowledge, I helped the child’s intellectual, emotional and moral level to develop according to his age (eg. singing, reading, movement tasks). After 1.5 years with a lot of heartache, I moved to London in 2012. But the great pleasure for me, however, is that a very close relationship remained with the family even after 10 years.

In London, I was first as a residential Aupair with a family, where I took care of a little boy, and later, as a Live-out nanny, I took care of childrens at different families.

In 2019, moving country, I moved to Switzerland, where I also took care of childrens a 7-year-old twin brother.

Before I became part of this great place and great team in Bodza Villa I lived abroad for eight years,. I speak in English on a conversational level. I use my skills, studies and practices educate with professional side that facilitate and enhance children’s development. I have a stable professional background in childcare, and have been working in ten years with childrens. I also managed to gain experience in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

I am also creative. I like to do activities together with the children, with which the little ones can develop their creativity (e.g. making handmade objects-finger painting, occassion card making, drawing).

After moving home to Hungary in May 2020, I wanted to work in a workplace where I could show my love for children and I can help their development with my professional knowledge, as well as create a calm, friendly, balanced, atmosphere for them, where they spend time happily and with a huge smile on their faces.

Our services

  • Small groups, no more than 7 children from 1y to 4y in a group
  • Sports and development activities in the gym

  • Babaúszás a beltéri uszodában
  • Salt room
  • Montessori equipment

  • English playgroup

  • Health-conscious meals

  • Baby and toddler classes

  • Napi bérlet lehetőség
  • Luxury environment

  • Park with century-old trees, playground


Are you interested in Bodza Villa Family Daycare but still a little uncertain about your choice? Come visit us!