Central phone number: +36 20 614 5916

Address: 1121 Budapest, Távcső utca 2.

How to get there: by public transportation take bus 21 or 21A (at weekends), Bodza Villa is a 4-minute walk from the bus terminal at Normafa.

Opening hours of the daycare: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

About us

My name is Zsófia Anna Martos, I am a co-founder of Bodza Villa and director of family daycares. I graduated in 2010 from ELTE Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education, I was majoring in primary school teacher training. Then I realised I…


…feel much closer to the younger generation, therefore I completed a family daycare director training course and started to make my dream come true, my mother supported me in it.

In 2014 we opened two family daycares in the area of Ferencváros that underwent a rehabilitation project. The two daycares have been successfully operating for 6 years now. My main objective was to open a daycare that offers unique, high-quality services for children between 1 and 3 years.

Last year I submitted an application for the development and establishment of a family daycare.

It was my great pleasure to be notified in June 2019 that my application was successful and I could start to make my dream come true on the Buda side.

We were looking for a special place where we can create a unique establishment for mothers and babies, and this is how we found the building of Bodza Villa.