Childcare in a foreign language:


Bodza Villa also offers foreign language childcare and play-groups. By working in small groups and on the basis of an hourly fee our professional, English-speaking staff members provide periodic babysitting. Toys and development activities foster the development of foreign language skills and the acquisition of voiced sounds of their mother tongue.

My name is Szilvia Darók. In 2010 I completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. On completion of this course I have an advanced understanding of all facets of childcare.

I was born in Hungary but I spent 14 years living abroad in Australia, in the UK and in Switzerland. I am fluent in English (written / verbal) and Hungarian, I have intermediate level French language skills.

I have learned how to foster physical, emotional, social, as well as emotional and psychological development in early childhood. I use my quality skills in promoting language and communication development to guarantee experiences that facilitate and enhance children’s development.

I have a solid career background in child care (child care centres & a nanny) and have been working in the industry for ten years.  I have gained experience in Australia, the UK, Switzerland and Hungary.


Being passionate, enthusiastic and enjoying working with children, giving them a high standard of early learning education and watching them reach all of the important, yet imperative milestones is truly a career that I am very passionate about. I know that my work plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of future generations.

I am also creative and transfer my creativity by involving children in various activities that are fun and contribute to their learning.

I believe that children and families are central to everything I do.  I believe in understanding and responding to the needs of our community. I believe in collaboration, support, and mutual respect.
I am aware that culture, diversity, community and public policy all affect child and family development. I support families, and recognize and respect parents as the most important caregivers for children.

I returned to Hungary in March 2018, after having my first baby at the end of October in Geneva. I started my business half a year later under the name LadyBug Care Budapest.

In LadyBug Care I provide childcare services from the age of 20 months to kindergarten age, and I also hold English language activities for children under the age of 4.